Theatre Group Love & Madness rehearses Shakespeare’s play Richard III at the Tower of London, April 2011

Since graduating from ALRA (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) in 2010, Will’s acting work has mainly been on stage, predominantly in London although he has also toured to many venues in the UK and Ireland.

Roles have spanned Shakespeares Tragedies, Wildean social comedies and the more modern classics by the likes of Miller, Mamet and Simon as well as several pieces of new writing.

In 2018 he was cast in The National Theatre production of The Lehman Trilogy as an understudy (to Adam Godley) covering the role of Mayer Lehman. The show ran at the National and in the West End as well as The Park Armory in New York.

Acting work on stage lead to acting work in the recording studio and he has performed as a voice artist on a wide range of audio productions, voicing many varied characters behind the mic. He has worked on several BBC drama productions and provided voices for a number of museum exhibitions, as well as an assortment of villains, strange creatures and bizarre animals in various Video Games and Animations


The Shark is Broken Understudy Robert Shaw – Sonia Friedman Productions
Bard in The YardThe Bard – Will & Co
The Lehman Trilogy  – Understudy Mayer Lehman (& Ensemble) – National Theatre & Neal St.
The Odd Couple  – Felix Ungar  – Frinton Summer Theatre
HamletClaudius & The Ghost – Icarus
Off The GridRaymond (Recorded Audio) – Half Moon Theatre
Rotten PerfectHenry Irving  – Artifice
A View From The BridgeEddie Carbone – The Broadway Theatre, Catford
The Water EngineBarker & Ensemble – Theatre6
Richard III Clarence & Hastings  – Love and Madness
Heartbreak Hotel Roger de Valour – Zebedee Productions

Noye’s FluddeVoice of God – Blackheath Halls Opera
A Woman of No ImportanceLord Illingworth – Artifice
A Match Made in HeavenRabbi Brian Green – Frinton Summer Theatre
Peckham – A Soap OperaJames – The Royal Court
A Respectable Wedding – Husband – The Tell Theatre Company
Merchant of VeniceShylock  – London Contemporary Theatre
Marriage – Podkolyossin  – The Tell Theatre Company
The Corruption of Dorian GreyLord Henry Wotton – Okai Collier
Save Me – Max Perkins – Spilt Milk Productions
Accidental Death of an AnarchistCommissioner  – Love and Madness


“The standout performance, however, was Will Harrison-Wallace’s Shylock, who expertly captured the dual nature of the character as both villain and victim.”……“but it was his heartfelt interpretation of the famous ‘if you prick us, do we not bleed?’ speech that provided the play’s most affecting moment.” …….“His entrapment by Portia, while disguised as Balthazar, seemed more cruel than cathartic, such was the sympathy he evoked.”

– The Shakespeare Standard


Will has shot several screen roles, appearing in a number of short films and most recently in Spin State, the debut feature from React Films, directed by Ross Wilson in which he inhabits the role of private detective Miles Archer.

Will’s confrontational ‘One-Eyed Alien’ from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” directed by James Gunn, sadly did not make the final edit of the film and so is missing from the below credits.

Film & TV Work Includes:

Spin State – Miles Archer – React Films
Rats That Eat Men – Stan – Image Fiction films
Hermit –  Richard – Great Dane Studio
The Holly Kane Experiment – Dr Heisenberg – Substantial Films
Corpse Remover Max – Strike Twice Creative

The SnipistRabid Man – Warp Films
Killer CopsDavid Rogers – Sky Vision
The Death of Jack HamiltonJ.Edgar Hoover – TrueFoe Films
Boss Boot CampThe Boss – Lightmill Films

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